What I carry in my pack changes with the weather.  I like to try out new gear and see what works best for me.  I’ll generally have a pretty low pack weight as I believe the less weight I carry on my back, the further I can travel and the more I’ll enjoy the trip.  And that’s the point isn’t it?

Losing Weight

In 2015 I had a 50+ lb pack weight and I thought I needed everything I was carrying.  I had a light weight tarp, bivvy bag, change of clothes & food.  These are all things that any lightweight hiker might have with them.  The problem is that I also brought a lot of other, heavier things with me.  I had a chair, and a heavy knife, and a saw and at one point I even had a wood burning stove.

After a time, I started to realize that I wasn’t using certain items in my pack.  Ever.  So I ditched a few things here and there.  I also was realizing that the weight on my back was translating into pain in my knees.  I had to do something, so I started researching what other people were using and mimicking their pack lists.  Now my current pack weight is usually no more than 20-25lbs, and my base weight is certainly no more than 15lbs.  This will, of course, vary depending on the season and length of trip, but my current goal is to get my base weight down below 10lbs.