• Garmin inReach SE+ and Garmin inReach Explorer+

    Garmin inReach SE+ and Garmin inReach Explorer+

    Today, Garmin announced the new inReach SE+ and inReach Explorer+.  After purchasing DeLorme nearly a year ago, Garmin has finally announced the release of the updated inReach SE and inReach Explorer, and has added a +. This line of products is great for anyone who finds themselves away from civilization, or at least without a cell signal. […]

  • The Big 3

    The Big 3

    The Big 3 Considered to be the three main components of anyone’s backpacking / hiking system, The Big 3 are generally going to be the heaviest and most expensive items you own.  The Big 3 consists of your backpack, shelter and sleep system, and your sleep system can be any number of things, but usually […]

  • Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm

    Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm

    I’ve used many different sleeping pads over the years, ranging from the old Canadian Armed Forces issued “Black Betty” to the current issue (Therm-a-Rest manufactured) sleeping pad, to the Therm-a-Rest Original Z Lite.  I’ve always had a good experience with Therm-a-Rest’s products and so when I was looking for something new, I went straight to the […]

  • Freezer Bag Cooking

    Freezer Bag Cooking

    A lot of backpackers will resort to using freeze dried meals such as those found at your local MEC, REI or any other outfitter.  They have a tonne of calories and some are actually even pretty tasty.  However, If you’re not into the taste of preservatives and would prefer to make your own meals, you […]

  • The 10 Essentials

    The 10 Essentials

    The 10 Essentials are the 10 things that you should have, or would want to have while in the backcountry.  Whether that be hiking, backpacking, hunting, etc.  These items are what could potentially be the difference between surviving and perishing. Water As far as I’m concerned, the number one priority when on the trail is water. […]