It’s Been A While…

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog.  Sorry about that.  Last year, I was able to get out into Banff and do a few backpacking trips.  I made it out to Glacier Lake twice, then Bourgeau Lake and my final trip last year was to Aylmer Pass.  Check out the Videos page or my YoutTube channel to watch the videos and hear about my close encounter with a grizzly bear.

This year, I plan to go out many more times and make some longer trips as well.  I’ve already been to Glacier Lake again this year and am planning an upcoming 4.25 day solo trip.  I’m pretty excited about it, but I’ll leave the blog post for after I get back.

Glacier Lake this year was a lot of fun.  I have some new gear that I wanted to test out, some of which is some trekking poles.  I’m not sure if it was the poles, or just that I was motivated, but I made the trip in 1h45m, which was blazing fast for me.

I had actually planned to not stay at Glacier Lake, but rather go past it on towards Howse Pass.  Unfortunately when I came to where I wanted to camp for the night, I wasn’t able to reach the campsite because the river was just too deep.  I attempted the river crossing but when the river came up to my waist, and was much deeper just a few more steps in, I decided it was not worth the risk.  Due to the spring melt, the river was much higher than I had expected and was moving quite fast as well, so I tried to see if there was another way across, but was unable to find a route.  So, to my disappointment, I turned back towards Glacier Lake, which was only a few kilometres away.

To my luck though, there happened to be a campsite available and I met some really great people camped there too.  I set up my new Kifaru MegaTarp, made some dinner and proceeded to gather some wood for a community fire.  Some of the other campers came by and we all sat around the fire, and traded stories.  This was pretty fun as I’ve never had this type of experience before and I look forward to meeting more great people on the trails in the future.  It was starting to get late and I was considering turning in for the night when someone looked up and exclaimed that the Northern Lights were out.  I’ve seen the Northern Lights before, when I was in the Yukon for a summer, but I’d never seen them this far South.  It was quite the sight.  It was only a light green/grey but still very cool none the less.

This trip was certainly the perfect way to open up the season for me.  I can’t wait for my next adventure.

– Devon