Pacific Crest Trail

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The Pacific Crest Trail aka The PCT, is a 2,650 mile / 4,265 km trail that starts at Campo California, USA and ends at Manning Park, BC, Canada.  So basically, it goes from the border of Mexico to the border of BC passing through California, Oregon and Washington along the way.  The trail traverses 57 major mountain passes, 19 canyons and passes by more than 1000 lakes.

Hiking the PCT has been a goal of mine for some time now, ever since I discovered Will Wood’s YouTube Channel, his website is  He was attempting to complete the PCT after having already completed the Appalachian trail and very much inspired me to do the same.  Since then, I’ve watched countless hours of peoples journeys on the AT, PCT, CDT, etc.

Map of the Pacific Crest Trail

Map of the PCT

Most people will head Northbound (NoBo) and so will I.  As of right now, I’m planning to start my journey in April of 2018 and it will likely take me 5 or so months to complete.  I hope to complete the trail by the end of August, but will allow for the end of September as I’m sure I’ll be taking zero days along the way.  Most hikers shoot for 20 mile / 32km days or more.  This is something that I’m going to have to build up to as I haven’t walked that far in a single day in many years.