Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm

I’ve used many different sleeping pads over the years, ranging from the old Canadian Armed Forces issued “Black Betty” to the current issue (Therm-a-Rest manufactured) sleeping pad, to the Therm-a-Rest Original Z Lite.  I’ve always had a good experience with Therm-a-Rest’s products and so when I was looking for something new, I went straight to the tried and true.


After doing a bit of research on their current offerings, I landed on the NeoAir XTherm.  It’s lightweight, thick, warm, comfortable and simple.  I chose the regular size after trying it in the store.  Unfortunately, a 10 minute in store trial pales in comparison to a real world, overnight test.  I’m usually a side sleeper, and while I do feel that the XTherm is thick enough, the regular size just isn’t wide enough.  My knees hang off the edge, of if I get myself centered, I feel like I’m doing a balancing act just to stay on it.

I see now that Therm-a-Rest has also released a Large MAX version, which is rectangular in shape as opposed to the mummy shape that I have now.  It’s also 5 inches longer and 5 inches wider too.  I think this would solve the problems that I have with the version I have now.


neoair-xtherm-body-440-x-406Best Use: General hiking and lightweight adventures.
Features: Air construction, baffled insulation, 2.5 inches thick, pump sack.
Pros: Packs down small. Warm and comfortable.
Cons: Expensive, Narrow.
Options: Regular / Large / MAX


Manufacturers Details
  • Unmatched Warmth-to-Weight: Patent-pending, reflective ThermaCapture™ technology traps radiant heat while Triangular Core Matrix™ construction minimizes convective heat loss–all without the bulk, weight or durability issues of down and synthetic fills.
  • Excellent Comfort: 2.5” (6 cm)-thickness, soft-touch fabrics and baffled internal structure provide unrivalled stability and support.
  • Highly Packable: Free of bulky, conventional insulating materials, the XTherm™ mattress packs to the size of a one-litre water bottle.
  • Ultralight: Advanced materials and a tapered design reduce weight without compromising warmth.
  • NEW – XTherm MAX – All the performance of the original XTherm with added coverage for extreme temps and larger torsos.
Manufacturers Specs
  • Size: Regular
  • Color: Vapor / Vapor
  • R-Value: 5.7
  • Weight: 15oz / 430g
  • Width: 20 in / 51 cm
  • Length: 72 in / 183 cm
  • Thickness: 2.5 in / 6.3 cm
  • Packed Dimensions: 9×4 in / 23×10 cm
  • Top Fabric: 30d Rip Nylon
  • Bottom Fabric: 70d Nylon
  • Core: Nylon
  • Country Of Origin: USA Built of the Finest U.S. and Global Materials.


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